Online food ordering made easy

Let your customers order their food online

Directly with you and not on some marketplace

Foodlane is a modern & user-friendly ordering system at your web address. Designed to make you and your customers happy


How does it work?

1. Your customer visits your menu, selects the desired items, and can pay for his order online.

2. You receive the order, select the processing time, and your customer gets a text message with the pickup time.

No special hardware required. Foodlane works on all internet-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The perfect menu everywhere

Your menu looks great on any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Even individual choices of your dishes are no problem.

Online payment built in

Your customer can pay you directly via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or credit card. This makes it easier and faster for both sides.

Simple ticket system

You receive the order in real-time in the ticket system. There you can easily manage orders and select them for processing.

Automatic confirmation of the pickup time

Once you accept the order and set a processing time, your customer will receive a text message with the estimated pickup time.



We want to give all restaurateurs the ability to offer online food ordering to their customers. Without being dependent on a marketplace. Your customers should remain your customers.

We also want to make the ordering process more convenient for both sides.

Gone are the days when you first had to download a huge PDF file, and then had to place the order with a bad phone connection. Only to realize afterward that something got misunderstood.

Your customers will love you

More comfortable for you and your customers. Receive your orders simply online


No upfront investments, fixed costs or high commissions

You only pay a fee of 3% per order – that's it! This gives you a modern ordering system, which is always up to date and maintained by us. So you can test and use Foodlane without any risk.

Any questions?

How long does it take to set up?

Foodlane runs as software on our servers, and access is active within minutes. You just send us your menu, and we do the rest. Or you enter it yourself.

Can I edit the menu by myself?

Of course, anytime. Foodlane is optimized for user-friendliness. You will enjoy working with the system.

Do my customers have to download an app?

No, nobody wants to swamp their device with countless apps. The ordering process should be as simple as possible. Without any obstacles. That's why Foodlane works with every browser.

How much does it cost?

You only pay a transaction fee of 3% per order plus the respective processing fee of the payment provider.

There are no fixed costs, setup fees, or other hidden costs.

Further questions or would you like a personal demo?

Send us an email

The online ordering system that couldn't be easier to use

Offer your customers the possibility to order their food online directly with you.